Friday, March 23, 2012

Sexual Trafficking of Girls

Sexual Trafficking of Girls
Young girls of South East Asia are miserably destined to be slaves of sexual trafficking. Under this slogan, Anesvad launches an advocacy campaign to help save these innocent girls and train them to find decent jobs.

Sella Mak, coordinator of the Cambodian organization “Our Home”, explains that sexual exploitation is spontaneous, because many of the victims will do anything for money. In some cases, criminal groups are the ones involved. In others, the child’s own family sells the child for money in order to survive. To take it further, there are also cases where young girls organize and create their own networks by prostituting themselves.

According to the Pontifical Mission Societies, child exploitation rates are mind-boggling: there are 14 million homeless children due to AIDS. Out of the half of the 600 million poor people in the world: 130 million do not go to school, 180 million suffer from malnutrition, 250 million are exploited for labor, and 1 million are victims to sexual trafficking.

In Morocco, about 700,000 girls are sexually exploited even with the government’s knowledge. Ghizlane is a slave child and wakes up at six in the morning. She has to prepare food for the boys of the house within which she is enslaved. She sleeps in the kitchen floor on a hifa and a quilt. She will only be able to go to sleep at midnight. Apart from this, she will be relieved if she does not get sexually abused during an ordinary day. Ghizlane just turned 8 years old.

This type of slavery is exactly the one that two American organizations, Human Rights Watch and Domestic Child, condemn and fight against in various reports. As pay, these poor victims barely receive food and clothing.

D’Azeglio would assert that the divine candor of a child is evidence that the human soul leaves an angel’s breast in order to descend and take our human form on Earth. Whoever stains the soul for the first time, and degrades it with the first deceit, is guilty of sin. (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez Moretti).

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of publicity and press relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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