Saturday, June 16, 2012

Suicide is a Post-Abortion Syndrome

Suicide is a Post-Abortion Syndrome

The testimonies of those who have had an abortion confess that far from being a right, it is the gateway to psychological distress, depression and suicidal thoughts. It is the beginning of a life in post-abortion syndrome.

“I took refuge in alcohol because my head kept telling me: I killed my son, I killed him. That night, I wept of regret and sorrow. Why didn’t anyone tell me what would happen next? Horrible, horrible, horrible.”
“Horrible” is actually the adjective pronounced by most women who have undergone abortion.

Their testimonies not only show that post-abortion syndrome exists, but that the suffering provoked in women is much higher than the suffering that the pregnancy could have brought them.

The second victim is the mother who is forced to end the life of her son or daughter. It is easy to find terrible testimonies of those who would give it all to go back in time and get away from that clinic that they thought would solve their problems, but instead brought them a living hell.

“Everything that happens to you after is horrible. I began to mistreat my other son. I would hurt myself, and was disgusted by it. I go to church, light candles for him, pray, and when he’ll turn one, I’ll organize a Mass for him.”

“It is better to have the child and then give it up for adoption, rather than go through the experience of abortion, one of the worst experiences ever. In the room where I was there were girls who had been given general anesthesia, and when they awoke, they were going crazy crying and clinging unto their gut ... horrible.” They were all teenage girls crying because their soul was hurting, since they knew exactly what they had done. They had murdered their child.

“I did not want an abortion, but I had a mortgage of 1,400 euros and at work they didn’t renew my contract. I went home desperate, searched online and found Red Madre, asked them for help and they came to my house. They told me not to abort, that they would support me so I could continue forward.”

She had few economic resources, a psychiatric history of depression and suicide attempts, and was very lonely. Now she claims that the abortion law should be abolished. “It's horrible. You have no idea what women have to suffer; something that only a mother knows. You are destroying the lives of many women. Instead of getting rid of a problem, I burdened myself with a bigger one.” (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez-Moretti)

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of publicity and press relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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